This is a deceiving little hole and will test your skills right away.  From the White tees its only 165 yards to carry the cart path.  A long iron onto the left side of the fairway will give you a good look at this THREE tiered green. If you go past the pin you will have a tough time keeping the ball on the green.  Bring your wedge.

A short par three with a huge green.  Make sure your check your yardages here.  Left is dead.

Three is a long par 5 with out of bounds all along the left hand side.  Play this as a three shot hole, 5 is a good score here.

This is our signature hole.  Only 280 yards yet the #1 handicap on the course. A demanding dog leg left off the tee requires a precise shot, followed by a BIG swale in the middle of the green.  If the pin is back make sure to take enough club to carry the hill.

Don’t get lost in the beautiful views up here.  Out of bounds left and lateral woods on the right will require a straight ball off the tee.  When hitting onto the green be sure to land your ball on the FRONT of the green as it slopes away from you. 

Six is a great little par three.  From the back tees it’s a VERY difficult shot.  Middle of the green here is a good shot and a tough green to read.  Take a three and run!

A wide fairway to hit lets you take a breather for your first shot but don’t relax too long, the green is only a few yards deep and will need a good yardage to hold it.  Long is trouble in the high grass bunkers.

A pretty straightforward par 4 here.  The green slopes away from the middle to the back.  Check your yardage.

This hole is hard no matter what tees you play.  The tee shot must be middle or down the left hand side to have a shot at the green.  Predominant winds blow your ball towards the driving range on the right which is out of bounds.  This green also slopes away hard from the middle to the back.

10 is an easy hole, can’t miss left and can’t miss right, besides that it’s easy.  All kidding aside, right is OB and left is trouble. The two tiered green has a hill in the middle so pay attention if the pin is in the back.

Another brutal hole from the back tees.  From back there a 3 is VERY good.  From the white tees, hit the green and hope to two putt.  Another one of our demanding undulating greens requires a good read.

Out of bounds on the right and some tricky lies on the left, hit a good tee shot here.  A short hole but the second shot plays an extra club up the hill.  A par here is a good score. 

The first of back to back par 5’s this one usually plays down wind.  Some trees on the left will be in play on your tee shot but not too much trouble to get into here.  Try to make a birdie because you’ll need the stroke on the next par 5.

This par 5 usually plays straight back into the wind so reaching it in two shots is a monumental ask.  Playing uphill its usually a three shot hole.  This green is “sneaky” hard.  Read your puts from both sides.

What a VIEW!! Don’t get lost in the scenery again here.  Not much to see here, a bit of tree trouble left but usually an easy par. 

Hole 16 is a short par 4 (driveable for the big hitters) but there is high grass left and tough lies on the right.  Something in the fairway with a wedge in will give you a good chance at par. 

A challenging par three here.  The green slopes hard from right to left.  Be below the hole if you can, if you’re putting down the hill, bring a wedge.

Such a great finishing hole here!!  A demanding tee shot with water on the right and high grass hills on the left will make you think a bit on the tee.  The green slopes away and both left and right.  Again, par is a good score.